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Triple Agile, or the Tri-Agile Model, is the culmination of over a decade of experience implementing Agile delivery methods at every level of an enterprise from coding to the C-suite. Tri-Agile combines the most effective aspects of existing delivery models with a completely configurable and modular implementation technique. In doing so, Tri-Agile accommodates the needs of the company wishing to wade cautiously into the waters of Agile, as well as the company ready to dive in from the top-down… and everyone in between.

How does it work? Traditional Agile implementation approaches focus primarily on “how” to do Agile. Believe me, I will spend a lot of time with you on the “how”, but a key enabler to the Tri-Agile approach is that I will first work with you to determine “when” to do Agile, and “what” products and projects are appropriate for the various Agile techniques. Once we determine the when and what, we have the foundation upon which everything else is built. Click on the corners of the Tri-Agile model below to learn more about each component.

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