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This is where things really start to get fun, as it is where the rubber truly meets the road! It is also a point where we have to be very precise in defining the "how" of your organization’s Agile implementation. Many companies will default to “Scrum” at the engineering level. Nothing wrong with Scrum, but the fact is that Scrum is really a software engineering management approach, not a development approach. Scrum concerns itself with how teams are organized, and how product development is performed… but it doesn't change the way you actually engineer products at the coding, testing, and integration layers.

So I will work with you to define both the appropriate Agile technique for organizing product teams - it may be Scrum, but it may not… let’s find out - and the engineering techniques you want to employ. So, spoiler alert: there are MANY Agile engineering techniques that we need to discuss. It is very important to have consulting expertise that can perform that Synthesis skill I mentioned earlier. Some Agile techniques will naturally compliment your organization and team culture, some will contrast. Some Agile techniques can work well with one another, while some are almost mutually exclusive. Let's talk and figure it out together...

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