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Resting above Governance is Agile Project Management. In most organizations, the project management role is a critical business function when implementing or maturing your Agile tool set. I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you the three reasons why.

  • One, most organizations are in what I call a transitional period – somewhere between thinking about adopting Agile, and being a high-functioning Agile machine. During this transitional period, and perhaps even afterwards, you need project management.
  • Two, most leaders on Agile teams (i.e. Scrum Masters, Team Leads, etc) have no interest in performing many of the administrative and operational functions generally performed by project managers – but someone still needs to do that work.
  • Which leads me to three, senior leaders in the business still rely on data to make decisions. Things like "burn rate", "velocity", and "complexity points" don’t generally resonate with these folks just yet – and maybe never will. So… you need people there who can translate the output from your Agile teams into decision supporting metrics.

Fortunately for your company, I cut my teeth in project and program management, and I was always looking at ways to make the process leaner for my clients – even before PMI jumped on the “Agile PM” train! Project Management and ePMO functions break down into "knowledge areas", and each of these knowledge areas have specific inputs, process expectations, and outputs. It is within those process expectations that Agile Project Management functions are modularly implemented at your company. These processes affect both downstream Agile Engineering and upstream Agile Governance – so it is very important that we don’t neglect this critical business function.

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