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The foundation of Tri-Agile is Governance. Think of governance as getting everyone on the same page about the future of Agile at your company, and developing mechanisms to ensure Agile is employed in a manner that supports your business goals and objectives. Because Tri-Agile is configurable and modular, the rigor associated with your governance needs will be reflected by collaboratively deciding if you are a “wade into the water” company, or a “dive in head first company”! As a result of this analysis, your Agile framework is scaled to be exactly what you need it to be – nothing more, nothing less.

Tried implementing Agile before, or already in the middle of an implementation? That is excellent! Governance still plays a critical role in the continued success of Agile at your company. The great thing about Tri-Agile is that we run in parallel with current products and projects being delivered via your existing Agile methods, then implement performance improvements within the cadences of those Agile teams.

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