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Being an effective consultant requires 3 key attributes that must exist in a constant balance in order to provide clients with the best results - knowledge, experience, and synthesis.



The best consultants have a thirst for knowledge that is exceeded only by their desire to project that knowledge into the clients we serve. I committed very early in my career to a knowledge path that cultivates a foundation for leadership and strategic impact which resulted in a BS in Management, a MBA with concentrations in Finance and Project Management, post-graduate studies at Harvard University; PMP, PgMP, and CSM certifications, as well as over 1200 hours of seminar studies. Not to mention, an analysis of my Google search records would yield an incalculable amount of nerd-like self-study!


Is a function of two primary variables: the amount of time you have been practicing your craft, and the diversity of industries and technologies with which you have worked. To help convey my experience, I’ve put together a few visual aids below that will illustrate how my 17 years of experience has been spread across technology and industry.


Is a bit more complicated than Knowledge and Experience. Synthesis is the ability to walk into an organization and rapidly evaluate culture, mission, goals, products, processes, and technology, translate all those factors into needs… then accurately use your knowledge and experience to synthesize the correct consulting approach. The ability to synthesize is partially an acquired skill, however there are innate personality characteristics that make some consultants more effective at synthesis than others. Rather than speak to my own ability to synthesize solutions, some of my clients have been kind enough to provide some feedback about my work that I’d like to share with you. Please see my Clients page, scroll down, then decide for yourself!



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